about me

The first wedding I ever planned was a boho backyard elopement. The bride wore a vintage dress passed down from her mother, bare feet, and a floral crown made of white clovers handpicked straight from her granny’s yard. A picnic table under an overgrown lilac tree was the setting for a family-style dinner that consisted of hot dogs, popsicles, and ice cream sandwiches.

I should probably mention I was about 10 years-old when I planned this wedding. I was also the bride. I had a crush on the next-door neighbor boy and somehow convinced him I was wifey material. The marriage wasn’t’ legally binding, but the sparks that flew during our first kiss were pretty legit.

My wedding design skills have drastically improved since that summer. My passion for throwing a pretty party where you get to makeout with the boy you like, well, that remains the same.

why whiskey kiss?

fast five

my son is named after a nicholas sparks book character.

Angelica Birch

owner + creative director

i think the beast is the hottest disney prince. alaDdin is a close second.

i used to want 5 kids. 

 i broke my ankle falling down a set of stairs in a nightclub. i was legitimately 100% sober.

i once won $1000 playing bingo in a dive bar.

i knew i liked you.

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